Freight train connects Russia with China


Freight train connects Russia with China

The train connecting Russia with Jiangxi province arrived on Sunday, Xinhua news agency reported. The train was expected to bring resources from Europe and boost local development.

The journey started from Kansk, where buses first transported 38 containers more than 260 km to Bazaiha, followed by a train journey of more than 7,000 km, before reaching Ganzhou in eastern China.

Ganzhou, an inland area with a complex landscape, was important in early revolutionary activities due to its remote mountain ranges.

However, its wartime geographical advantages became a stumbling block in development.

The government tried to push regional development in the past few decades, but Ganzhou won no major projects or key investment due to its geography, resulting in slow, sometimes nonexistent, industrial growth.

Many people in Ganzhou are still living in poverty.

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