When ‘Arth’ blew Vidya’s mind

“I was in the middle of my 12th exams. I had a history exam and I was really not interested in the exam and happened to switch on the TV. I saw ‘Arth’ and just fell in love with what I saw.

“I loved the fact that this woman in the end of the film walked away saying ‘What if I was the one who had done this, would you have accepted me?’ He says ‘No’. And she walks away. That blew my mind. I have never seen that,” Vidya said on the CNN-News18’s show “Virtuosity”.

The film’s actresses Shabana and Smita “completely blew” her mind as well.

“In one viewing, I knew the dialogues of the films. I knew moments from the films so while I was studying I would go up to my friend’s terrace and study… sometimes in the open, but what actually I was doing there was enacting scenes from ‘Arth’,” she added.

The episode, featuring Vidya, will be aired on Saturday.

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